Our trust and estate planning attorneys specialize in wealth protection through the Design and Administration of Estates and Trusts. We represent individuals and institutions that serve as trustees and executors in the administration of Decedents’ Trusts, Probate Estates and other related procedures required to settle estates.

Our services range from basic planning to sophisticated techniques, enabling us to apply the appropriate solution to each client’s estate. This includes Charitable Gifts, Estate Planning, and Litigation of Will and Trusts Contests in Probate Court, Probate, Trusts, Wills and related tax matters for income, gift and inheritance/estate taxation.

The firm works closely with expert financial planners and tax professionals to align your estate, financial and tax planning. The goal for each of our clients is to preserve their personal wealth, reduce their estate tax burden, eliminate and/or minimize the conflict among heirs and beneficiaries, and simplify the administration of their trusts and estates.

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Richard R. Kinney, Jr.,